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This Association shall be called the Dallas-Ft. Worth Healthcare Human Resources Association (DFWHHRA).  It shall maintain affiliation with the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration ( ASHHRA).






The mission of the DFWHHRA is to advance the knowledge and skills of healthcare Human Resources Professionals by providing value-added developmental, educational and networking opportunities to our members.




Association Membership


Section 1.      Eligibility:  Membership shall be open to HR professionals in a hospital or healthcare entity.  There shall be three membership classifications:  “Member” and “Associate Member,” and “student member”.


Section 2.      Member:  An HR professional employed in a hospital or other provider of direct patient care. “Members” shall have all voting rights and privileges and shall be eligible to serve as a member of the Association’s Board of Directors.


Section 3.      Associate Member: An HR professional that represents a firm which provides HR services such as outplacement, recruitment searches/temporary placement, recruitment advertising, or HR-relatedconsultant/council.  Associate Membersshall have all voting rights and privileges. Associate Members shall also be eligible to serve on committees of the Association or its Board of Directors, excluding President or President-Elect.  No more than one Associate member may be on the Board of Directors each term year.




Section 4:  Student Member:  A student currently enrolled or recently graduated from an accredited University who has majored in either HR or Healthcare Administration. Student members shall have all voting rights and privileges.



Section 5.      Non-Member:  Members are welcome to bring a guest(s) to membership meetings and activities.  Each guest is limited to two meetings/activities per calendar year and will be charged the non-member rate.  Thereafter, a guest must become a member to attend a membership meeting/activity.  Non-members will have no voting rights and privileges in Association issues, including the election of Board members and committee service.


 Section 6.     Dues:  Members/Associate Members shall be assessed annual dues as established by the Board of Directors.  Dues are payable upon submission of an Application for Membership.  If dues are not paid by January 31, membership shall be automatically terminated.  The payment of dues shall entitle Members/Associate Members access to the membership website information.


Section 7.      Transfers of Membership: Association membership is not transferable to another person.


Section 8.      Loss of Eligibility: Membership of any person who is no longer eligible for membership in the Association shall automatically terminate three months after the loss of eligibility. 


If a Member/Associate Member becomes unemployed, yet seeks a HR position or one in a field similar to that which qualifies for an Associate membership, he/she will be eligible for an additional six (6) month extension of “Member” privileges.  Thereafter, if still unemployed, they may only continue as a Non-Member and must adhere to the guidelines in section five “Non Member”.


Section 9.      Responsibilities:  Members/Associate Members are responsible for using the membership roster only for purposes of personal networking or official DFWHHRA business.  This roster is confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside of the Association without Board approval.  Use of this roster outside its intended use will be grounds for the immediate termination of membership with no reinstatement rights.












Membership Meetings


Section 1.      Meetings:  A minimum of (5) five meetings will be held each calendar year.  The exact time and place of meetings will be coordinated through the Board of Directors


Section 2.      Agenda:  Meetings shall be conducted by a standard agenda, which may include educational presentations.  Persons who wish to place specific items on the business agenda should contact the President.


Section 3.      Quorum:  The number of members and Associate Members present shall constitute a quorum. However, whenever the President deems it advisable, he/she may delay voting on an issue in order to ensure that the vote is representative of the membership.


Section 4.      Voting:  Members/Associate Members must be present to vote at a regular membership meeting.  Votes cannot be cast in absentia or be assigned to others.  Electronic ballot may be used in lieu of voting at a regular membership meeting at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


Section 5.      Annual Meetings: The annual Business Meeting shall be held in December of each year.  The Board of Directors shall be announced at the annual meeting with the current President presiding over the meeting.






Board of Directors Composition


Section 1.      A total of ten (10) members shall comprise the Association Board of Directors as follows


Board Position                                              Submitted by Ballot   Type of  Position

  1. President Automatic                  Officer
  2. Past President                      Automatic                   Officer
  3. President- Elect Yes                             Officer
  4. Treasurer Automatic                Officer                                   

Revised 11-15

  1. At-large Yes                             Board Member
  2. At-large Yes                             Board Member
  3. At-large                         Yes                             Board Member
  4. At-large Yes                             Board Member
  5. At-large                                                 Yes                             Board

    Associate Member

  1. Executive Director                                   Automatic                    Board

                                                                                                      No voting Right





Board of Director Elections


Section 1.      Eligibility:  Only members who have primary or management responsibility for HR functions, i.e. Benefits, Compensation, Recruitment, Employee Relations or Training shall be eligible to serve as a Board of Director.


Section 2.      How Nominated: A Nominating Committee composed of the twomost recent Presidents and the President-Elect, or appointed Board members in lieu of these positions, shall prepare two slates of nominees; one for President-Elect and one for the vacant At-large positions.. Each slate shall list at least two nominees who are current members.  Nominees for President-Elect must be current Board Members.  (The Nominating Committee should attempt to present a slate that is representative of the membership considering such factors as facility/organization size and geographic location).  Other nominations for each slate may be made by members.


Section 3.      How Elected: Open board member positions of the nine Board members shall be elected at the annual business meeting (or prior to if the election is done via electronic ballot), including the President-Elect, and six (6) At-large positions.   The remaining two (2) positions shall include the President who automatically assumes the position after having served a one-year term as President-Elect and the Immediate Past President.Prior to the election, the President-Elect will act as bailiff and verify the status of active members and associate members who will participate in the election. .  The President-Elect will then distribute prepared ballots to the current members and associate members at the membership meeting or via electronic ballot and tabulate the results.  During the annual business meeting, The President-Elect will announce the results of the election. 




Board of Director office Term


Section 1.      Term of Office: Officers shall serve a one (1) year term with the exception of the Treasurer.  At-Large members (with the exception of the Associate Member) shall serve for a term of two (2) years commencing January 1 following the election. The Associate Member shall serve for a term of one (1) year commencing January 1, following the election.  The odd numbered Board positions shall be elected in odd years and the even numbered Board positions shall be elected in even numbered years.


Section 2.      Vacancies of Officers: In the event that the President becomes unable or ineligible to fulfill the term of office, the President-Elect shall act as president until the next calendar year when they officially assume the presidency for a full term.


In the event that the President-Elect becomes unable or ineligible to fulfill the term of office, an election of a new President-Elect shall be held at the next scheduled Association meeting.  The slate will be the eligible current members of the Board of Directors, including the President.


In the event that a current member of the Board becomes unable or ineligible to fulfill the term of office, a member of that Board member’s committee will be appointed by the President to complete the term of office.  Should there be no committee member available; the President may appoint any current Association member to complete the term of office.


Section 3.      Responsibilities and Conditions for Removal:  The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing annual goals, working toward their achievement, communicating progress to the membership, and maintaining the financial viability of the Association.  The Board shall be responsible for determining the annual dues assessment and planning for the professional development and networking opportunities for the membership.  Further, the Board shall deliberate issues involving the Association and present recommendations for improvement to the membership.


Section 4.      Any board member who loses their position on the Board must remain off for a one calendar year waiting period to begin in January of the following year they are removed from the board.


Should a Board member be unable to fulfill this responsibility due to circumstances beyond their control, the President reserves the right to reassign that member to an advisory capacity and to appoint a replacement from the current membership for the duration of the term.  A Board member placed on advisory status will no longer have voting rights. All participating Board members will share the responsibility for the removal of a Board member and will vote on such action.  The President will communicate the Board’s decision to the Board member being placed on advisory status.   A Board member who is being placed on advisory status may formally resign their position in lieu of removal.   




Board of Director Responsibilities


Section1.       President:  The President shall preside at Association meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors.  It shall be the duty of the President to ensure that the Association is represented in issues, decisions and activities that affect the membership and/or the entities they represent.  The President shall call special meetings whenever he/she deems it to be in the best interest of the Association.   An Association member may serve as President for up to two consecutive terms.   The President may hold the concurrent offices of President and President-Elect, if voted upon by the majority of the membership at a regularmembership meeting or via electronic ballot.    


Section 2.      President-Elect:  The President-Elect shall preside at Association meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of and/or at the request of the President. It shall be the duty of the President- Elect to plan and coordinate major program activities of the Association (i.e. workshops, fund raising, etc.).  The President- Elect shall assist the President as needed and shall automatically become President when the office becomes vacant.  .


Section 3.      Immediate Past-President: The Immediate Past-President shall advise the President on matters of previous Board/Association action and

assist in providing continuity in Board Leadership and Association issues/activities. Should the President serve two consecutive terms, the Immediate Past President shall also continue to hold the position of Immediate Past President for a second term.


Section 4.      Treasurer:  The Treasurer is an appointed position and will remain in the office until that individual resigns the office or wants to be place into another board position. The Treasurer will be responsible for the deposit, disbursement, and safekeeping of Association monies.  They will also ensure the maintenance and distribution of accurate quarterly Association financial reports.


All Board members will be members of ASHHRA with at least one Board Member also being a member of the Society of Human Resource Management.  All membership funding will be provided by DFWHHRA, as funds permit.





Board of Director meeting Requirements


The Board shall convene eight (8) times during the year. Board members will be expected to attend all Board meetings in person, at pre-scheduled dates set forth in January.  Under extenuating circumstances, a Board member may request from the President that he/she attend a meeting by phone. 


Board members mustattend four (4) board meetings (to include the Employee of the Year selection meeting and event) and three (3) membership meetings to remain a board member.  Board members must take part in and contribute to the committee to which they are assigned to remain a Board member.  If the above requirements are not met, the Board member will lose their position on the board and an alternate will be assigned.





Board of Director Standing Committees


Section 1.  How Constituted:  There shall be six (6) standing committees:  Membership, Education, Finance, Legislative, By-Laws and Communication.


The President shall first ask for self selected assignments to chair one of their committees.  The President shall appoint committee chairs as needed.  Each standing committee chairperson shall establish and strive to achieve one or more goals for his/her committee by recruiting volunteers for their committee and reporting achievements to the membership.


The President shall also appoint “ad hoc” committees as needed.


Section 2.  Membership Committee:  The Membership Committee coordinates membership renewal activities to current Association members and promote membership to ASHHRA.  Committee members shall serve as “hosts” at meetings and shall collect monies, greet new members, and assist with other arrangements as needed.


Section 3.  Education Committee:  The Education Committee shall plan and coordinate educational programs to meet the professional development needs/desires of the membership.


Section 4.  Finance Committee:  The Finance committee shall ensure the financial viability of the organization and is chaired by the Treasurer for the Association.


Section 5.  Legislative/By laws:  The Legislative/By Laws committee shall provide the chapter with legislative update and employment law that effect our daily business operations in the work place. They will also be responsible for the interpretation or changes of the By-laws.



Section 6:  Communication Committee:  The Communication Committee will ensure that information and correspondence is distributed, in a timely manner, to all appropriate personnel on a regular basis.





Association Fiscal Issues/Reporting


Section 1.  The DFWHHRA will secure the services of a Surety bonded Accountant or Certified Public Accountant to conduct an annual review of Association financial reports to the Board of Directors via e-mail.


Section 2.  The Treasurer, President, President-elect and past President have signature authority for all DFWHHRA expense checks and other documents that obligate the Association financially.  All such documents must have signatures from one of the above Board members.


Section 3.  The Treasurer will be responsible for drafting and signing checks for all operating expenses such as newsletters, supplies, meeting facilities and postage. 


Section 4.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to request an external audit of Association finances should they have any evidence based concerns about same.







Bylaws may be amended by a plurality vote of the membership present at any meeting. 

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